Clare Crawford

I was born in Northern Ireland but I am a bit of a nomad, living in various parts of Scotland and England for many years before settling in France in 2009.

I started my career in public relations and marketing, then moved to teaching English Language and Literature in state and private secondary schools. I liked finding out what strategies and tools helped students learn and enjoy learning. This quest led me to obtain Advanced Skills Teacher status so that I could work with other teachers to bring a range of dynamic teaching and learning methods into the classroom.

When I moved to France, I also made the move to teaching adult ESL learners. Working with research laboratories, heavy and light industries, business schools and the European institutions in Luxembourg, foregrounded the following questions again and again: how do we learn best and how do we make room for real skills acquisition when we're faced with heavy demands on our time and energy.

In my spare time, I lift weights, listen to music and try to learn as much as possible about why we think and act the way we do.

I work in English and French, face to face, by telephone, by Skype or by video conference.