Language coaching

A lot of adult learners are nervous about learning languages. They think that they are too old to learn. Their experiences at school have left them focussing on what they can't do or what they think they do "badly".

Traditional language teaching methods often put students on the spot. As a result students can feel very nervous about using the target language. The added pressures of performing in an exam or in a work situation often cause them to freeze and forget what they know.

Other clients find that they reach a certain level in their target language and then they stop progressing. They find it difficult to identify the best strategies to start making progress again. They can feel demotivated because the strategies chosen for them by the language teacher don't work for them personally.

Language coaching enables clients to learn and practise the target language in a more natural and intuitive way, according to their individual motivations and goals, their preferred learning styles and their daily schedules. It also helps them to recognise pressurised situations and to respond in an effective, relaxed way. They can then perform optimally in their chosen language.

Language coaching builds the language user's confidence in their ability to understand and and master their target language. The client owns their own learning. As a result, they find the motivation to learn and to improve consistently and sustainably!

clarelanguage uses the Neurolanguage Coaching®1 method to ensure that each and every client receives language coaching that is truly adapted to their needs, structured to ensure progress and designed with learner autonomy at the very heart of the process.

1Neurolanguage Coaching® and Neurolanguage Coach® are registered US and European trademarks in the name of Rachel Marie Paling.