Neurolanguage Coaching® training

ELC Neurolanguage Coaching® Certification course is accredited by the ICF (International Coach Federation) with 30 Continuing Coaching Education (CCE) hours, plus 6 hours of Resource Development. The course has been created and developed by Rachel Paling and I am the Licensed Coach for France.

The course has a very well-balanced ratio of theory and practice with a high degree of active coaching, so you instantly come into practical coaching and “learning by doing”. It focuses on equipping participants with an understanding of the theory and principles behind coaching and the ability to change their patterns of communication and facilitate powerful learning conversations. The first part of the course focuses on introducing participants to life coaching in general and also to the International Coaching Federation principles and core competences. It also introduces an understanding of the theory and principles behind brain-based coaching and how neuroscientific research can assist in understanding and formulating powerful coaching conversations. The coaching approach creates the pathway for participants to really assist and empower others to focus and develop themselves. Participants develop key coaching skills, such as active listening, powerful questioning coaching presence and effective coaching conversations as well as learn about different coaching models. Participants immediately start with coaching practice to pave the way for the Neurolanguage Coaching® structure and approach.

Neuroscience and Emotional Intelligence: the second part of the course takes participants through the principles of neuroscience, how the brain functions, learns and reacts. They build up the knowledge step by step and then understand how this applies to language learning: the importance of understanding the emotional brain, social pain, and the potential creation of a perfect learning state as well as the respect for each and every learner as an individual.

Neurolanguage Coaching® Skills: focuses on equipping participants with an understanding of the theory and principles behind Neurolanguage Coaching® and the ability to integrate principles of traditional coaching together with the neuroscience of learning into the language learning process. In effect, Neurolanguage Coaching® has a new structure of delivery of the language learning process as well as new models which lay out the foundations of the process, such as the 3Ms and the 5Cs, PACT PQC and the PROGRESS model. Everything we do in the Neurolanguage Coaching® process connects back to how the brain reacts and functions, creating an empowering learning process.

The content covered is as follows:

  • What is Language Coaching and Neurolanguage Coaching®? What is it not?
  • Coaching models – can we use them in Language Coaching?
  • Becoming a coach – transforming the directive style
  • Introducing the Brain and principles of neuroscience
  • What is the ideal learning state?
  • Understanding how the coachee learns
  • Applying coaching principles to Language Learning
  • Integrating the principles of neuroscience and coaching into Neurolanguage Coaching®
  • Introducing Neurolanguage Coaching® models/tools and how to use them
  • How to structure Neurolanguage Coaching® sessions
  • Administration of Neurolanguage Coaching® Sessions
  • Neurolanguage Coaching® as an approach and method
  • Application of Neurolanguage Coaching® through the PACT PQC model – how to transmit grammar through powerful coaching conversations

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Neurolanguage Coaching® and Neurolanguage Coach® are registered US and European trademarks in the name of Rachel Marie Paling.